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Overview & Historical Information

The Act - Historical Information

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) has been in effect since January 1st, 1991. The Act applies to municipalities and local boards termed "institutions" under the Act.

The Act - Overview

The legislation regulates and controls the information that is made available to the public. The Act not only provides rights to the public to gain access to Municipal records, but also protects the privacy of individuals. There is a general right of access to records under MFIPPA, however, this right is subject to the application of exemptions that may apply to records.

This legislation applies to any record in the custody of or under the control of The Corporation of the Municipality of Red Lake, regardless of whether it was produced under the Act.

The Municipality of Red Lake Council is the "head" as defined under the legislation and the Clerk (F.O.I. Coordinator) is responsible for the day to day administration of the Act.

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act is Divided into Four Parts:

  • Part One: Freedom of Information
  • Part Two: Protection of Individual Privacy
  • Part Three: Appeal Procedures
  • Part Four: General Information

This Act provides individuals the right of access to both general information and their own personal information maintained by the Municipality of Red Lake. The Act also provides for the protection of personal information that has been collected by the Municipality of Red Lake.

What is a Record

A record means any record of information however recorded, whether in printed form, on film, by electronic means or otherwise, and includes:

  • Correspondence, a memorandum, a book, a plan, a map, a drawing, a diagram, a pictorial or graphic work, a photograph, a film, a microfilm, a sound recording, a videotape, a machine readable record, any other documentary material, regardless of physical form or characteristics, and any copy thereof.
  • This also includes any record that is capable of being produced from a machine-readable record under the control of an institution by means of computer hardware and software or any other information storage equipment and technical expertise normally used by the institution.
  • Requestors should note that not all records are readily accessible as some records may fall into one of the exemptions listed within the context of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. In some cases it is necessary to protect the confidentiality of a record(s) of interest to the Corporation or third parties. Some records will not be released in order to protect the privacy of personal information the Corporation holds.

How to Make a Request

You may fill out an Access/Correction Request (Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) Form available by clicking the icon below or request a copy of the form from the Clerk (F.O.I. Coordinator).

Freedom of information record request form.

Requesters should provide as much detail as possible in order to assist in the search of the record.

Completed forms, along with the mandatory non-refundable $5.00 access fee (see Summary of Fees for Information Requests below), should be forwarded to:

Freedom of Information Coordinator
Office of the Clerk
Municipality of Red Lake
2 Fifth Street, P.O. Box 1000
Balmertown, Ontario, P0V 1C0
Phone: 807-735-2096

Normally, a request must be processed within 30 calendar days. This means that the Municipality must either provide access to the requested record or notify the individual that the information is exempt under the specific provisions of the Act. If the institution requires a time extension for any reason, then the requestor must be notified.

Costs and Fees

Summary of Fees for Information Requests Under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

An individual making a request for information under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act will be required to pay certain fees. The rules regarding the payment and amount of fees are set out in the Act and Regulation 823. Processing charges are summarized below:

Freedom of information requests – 2024 Fees

Application Fee (All other costs as per MFIPPA legislation)

$ 5.00 (no tax)

Preparation/Research of Documents (Consists of research, municipal staff costs and disbursements)

$ 30.00/hour (1 hour minimum)

Identification Required

If the request is for your own personal information, identification is required. Please include a photocopy of a piece of your identification bearing your signature.

Appealing An Access Decision

If you are not satisfied with the decision given by the Clerk (F.O.I. Coordinator) for the Municipality of Red Lake, under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, you may appeal that decision with the Privacy Commissioner's Office, within 30 days of receipt of the decision letter and request a review.

The appeal fee is $10.00 for personal information and $25.00 for all other requests. The appeal must be sent to:

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
80 Bloor Street West
Suite 1700
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2V1
(416) 326-333 or 1-800-387-0073

More Questions about Freedom of Information

For more information about Freedom of Information Requests contact the Clerk's Department at 807-735-2096

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