Fire and Emergency Services

The Red Lake Area is well served by an array of emergency services and can respond to the needs of residents and visitors in a variety of situations.

Emergency Alerts

Red Lake provides an voice, text and email emergency notification system that anyone can sign up for! For more information check the page linked below.

Vulnerable Persons Evacuation

Red Lake maintains a listing of persons that may require special assistance during an emergency evacuation. To register yourself please use the online signup form linked below or contact the Municipal Office for Assistance.

Fire & Rescue

Red Lake operates a volunteer fire-rescue service with halls in 4 townsites. The Red Lake Fire Rescue Service also provides coverage for highway calls and in neighboring communities through shared service agreements. 

If you would like to serve, fill out our online application form or contact the Fire Department at 807-727-1290.

Community Policing

Community policing services are contracted to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). The OPP Operate a detachment office within the Municipality and provide protective services, law enforcement and community outreach.

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical services are provided by Northwest EMS and the Margret Cochenour Memorial Hospital. Ambulance Service is delivered from the EMS Garage located in the Red Lake Health Cluster. Patients requiring urgent care can access the emergency room at the Margret Cochenour Memorial Hospital (also located in the health cluster). 

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